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About Us


What is yellfood.com?

Yellfood.com has created a whole new way of ordering food online. Focussing on making restaurant owners happy and customers well-served, we have created a strong end-to-end system for online ordering.

Modern life is often stressful and time is a scarce resource. Sometimes people can’t find the time to prepare dinner every day and sometimes people just want to treat themselves and their loved ones to something special.

Using yellfood.com you can peacefully order delicious food delivered straight to your doorstep from your PC. The choice of restaurants on yellfood.com ranges all the way from high-end luxury food to the local pizza-house, offering something for any taste or time-schedule.

The future of food ordering is online

The internet is a regular part of everyday life and soon using the phone to call your local take-away restaurant will be a thing of the past. Here’s why millions of people are making the switch to online ordering:


Users are not limited to one single offering, they can pick their favourite restaurant and cuisine type among thousands of outlets.


All menus are online and constantly updated with the latest offers.


The combination of our 2-way technology with customer service (online via order support and chat, offline via the phone) ensures that orders are processed efficiently and customers are always up-to-date about their order status. Customer care offers reliability and a constant point of contact between restaurants and consumers.

Speed, comfort and Reliability

Avoid phone-queues and annoying misunderstandings. By ordering online, orders are printed quickly from pressing the “FINALIZE ORDER”.

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